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I love gimp 2.8, I really do. It is free, and I just keep on learning how to do more and more cool things with it. I can't really see myself having gotten into digital art if I hadn't been introduced to it. But lately I have not been feeling the love. Why?
Because it crashes a meteorite.  There was a picture way back in January where I saved it after having done an enormous amount of work on the figures hands, but when I came to it later, all the slides with the hands were gone, leaving only a handful of sketchy slides. I was heartbroken, but I was able to redo my work, and I'd hoped that was the last of the Mysteriously Deleted Layers.
I was wrong, of course.
This July, I started working on a piece of fan art, and it started happening again. Most often, it would crash when I tried to "Save As", but it would also delete layers from the original peice I had just saved. Ugh! Thankfully, I scraped by, and often all it would delete were layers I had been planning on deleting anyways.  But when I started colouring the line art...well, all went well until I was finally done with it, and, because it hadn't crashed in a while, dared to click "Save As". It crashed, and by some bizarre twist of fate, all the colouring and shading I had done was merged onto one layer. It was just plain weird, and I was furious,  because I generally keep coloured layers seperate for a reason. But I tried to look on the bright side, and managed to fiddle around with things and continue with the picture regardless.
When I finished the picture, I wanted to crop some white edges out of it...much to my dismay, it crashed each and every time I tried to. It didn't delete layers, though. I will probably crop it with another program now.
Being frustrated with the crashing, as well as moving to another city, gave me some time away from the picture, and when I came back to it I saw that his left eye was too small. I worked to redo it, as well as his eyebrows. And guess what? When I went to export crashed. I lost all the work on his eyes, but it was partially my fault this time, as I hadn't saved it before exporting it. I redid my work.
Now I sit here, looking at my shiny new  complete and satisfactory fan art. Will it crash again? I do not know, but it was worth it. Such is my love for The Silver Eye, the webcomic it is fan art of, which I shall post as soon as I can transfer it from my dusty old internetless laptop to a computer.

Speaking of which, it is entirely possible that none of this is gimp's fault, and that my laptop is entirely to blame. I named it Velvare, after a character from The Silver Eye, which I think is quite an apt name, because that character falls apart quite literally several times in the comic, which you should probably read because it is amazing.
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I go by the name "Lynna" on a lot of sites, including CAA. (If you recognize me from there, please say hi!)

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Thanks for the fav!!
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I saw you on Beneath the Tangles.

I'm watching Mekakucity too.
OpalescentSky Featured By Owner May 22, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Hello! :)
I think this might be the first time someone from BtT has commented here
It's cool that you're watching MekakuCity :D How are you liking it?
Neoconvoy Featured By Owner May 23, 2014  Student General Artist
It was slow paced at first, but after Heat Haze Days* began to lift.

I like the aesthetics and character designs, Takane Enomoto is so cute!

Also, I like that is cleaner than other shows of the season, although Ene showing the leg folder of the hikki-neet was unnecessary.
ProudTortoise Featured By Owner May 9, 2014
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You're very welcome! :)
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Hello, and thank you for faving my DD "Own Space". :) Much appreciated.

Have a nice day!
OpalescentSky Featured By Owner Nov 26, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
You're very welcome :) You too!
AnimeFlight Featured By Owner Oct 10, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
You need to upload more artwork girl. (Says the chick with three things in her gallery). I guess I'm just impatient to see Kano.
OpalescentSky Featured By Owner Oct 15, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Sorry! You'll have to wit a while for Kano--I'm a very slow drawer, and I'm not used to drawing fan art, so bear with me.
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